2016 Mother Goose Reviews

Daily Echo - Curtain Call

Thursday 8th December 2016

By Alan Johns

First-time Director Miriam [Edmond's] production was a very lively, colourful affair that included all the essential ingredients for a successful pantomime.

Maisie Flight sang well as heroine Jill, sharing a fine Michael Buble duet with Jack, Mother Goose's son, energetically played by Nicki Lake.

Nick [Kearn's] Mother Goose had all the best lines and costume changes and Barbara Kearns was always lively as Silly Billy, Mother Goose's other son. Liam Clothier played Lucy the goose that laid the golden eggs and therefore a target for Mephisto the wicked villain, performed with understated malice byt he cool Peter Wooldridge. His two stooges, Nifty and Shifty, were played by David Early and Mile Heseldin with Janine [Blackmore] as Fairy Goosedown.

The song choices avoided the usual pantomime favourites, with some very funny lyric changes, and the leading characters were augmented by the tuneful chorus for the big numbers. Further performances this weekend.


The Worthys Parish Magazine

By Eleanor Hamblin

The Worthy Players and ‘Mother Goose’

The annual pantomime in December is a well established tradition in Kings Worthy, something to which many of us look forward every year. Making her début as the show’s Director, Miriam Edmond’s production of ‘Mother Goose’ kept up the tradition of good family entertainment with a show to please everybody, whatever their age. Once again the Worthy Players are to be congratulated.

With a cast comprised of experienced and relatively new actors the show got off to a good start on the village green outside Mother Goose’s house and the pace was kept up throughout.

The principal boy Jack (Nicki Lake) and Jill (Maisie Flight) were well cast and their voices blended well in their duets.

Nick Kearns made the most of the role of Mother Goose, the Dame, as she progressed from poverty to riches, thanks to the golden eggs laid by Lucy, the goose, well played by Liam Clothier.

Barbara Kearns excelled as Silly Billy, Mother Goose’s other son, a role which gave her plenty of scope to fool around.

Other comedy roles were well played by two experienced actors David Early (Nifty) and Mike Heseldin (Shifty).

It wouldn’t be pantomime without good and evil and Janine Blackmore (Fairy Goosedown) and Peter Wooldridge (Mephisto) provided both the magic and the requisite boos and hisses.

The leading characters were well supported by the members of the chorus with their well rehearsed singing and dance routines.

As always the spectacular costumes were created by Shirley Lovell, Alison Woolford and others. Particularly outstanding were those for the Dame, Fairy Goosedown and Mephisto.

Set design by David Woolford and construction by members of the cast and lighting and sound by Richard Aldous and Dave Alderson all contributed to a most enjoyable show.


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