2015 Murder by the Book Reviews

Daily Echo - Curtain Call

Monday 17th August 2015

By Ham Quentin

REVIEW: Murder by the Book, The Worthy Players, Jubilee Hall, Kings Worthy

DUNCAN Greenwood & Robert King’s ‘80s thriller, which purports to portray a disenchanted couple’s attempts to murder each other, has a pretty soft centre, and isn’t distinguished by much in the way of intelligence, wit, suspense or challenge.

But it makes for a pleasant evening of familiar entertainment, as debut directors Clare Nicholas and Peter Woodridge clearly signal with their choice of music.

However, there is some excitement seeing promising players such as Kirsty Turner (in the role of a wife who is determined to match her improbably successful writer and critic husband’s deviousness) and Tim Ellwood (very droll as the hapless publisher and co-conspirator) continuing to grow in skill and confidence.

Peter Fletcher gets a satisfactory first half as the inquisitive neighbour, but the script rather neglects him, and Janine Blackmore – Christine the secretary and typist – more so.

Turner also enjoys several costume changes (wardrobe by Shirley Lovell and Alison Woolford), and her partnership with David Woolford’s winningly egotistical character Selwyn Piper is lively and engaging.


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