2012 The Snow Queen Reviews

Daily Echo - Curtain Call

Monday 3rd December 2012

By Jim Rumsey

On a suitably icy evening, the cast gave the responsive audience some good cheer.

Walking the line between a well-known story and a nod to pantomime, newcomer director Michael Edwards hit just about the right balance.

The tale is a struggle between good and evil as experienced by youngsters Gerda (Lyndsay Smith) and Kay (Tom Dickson). After Kay’s abduction by the Snow Queen (a first rate Kirsty Turner), Gerda encounters talking ravens (Peter Woolridge, Barbara Teitz), robbers (led by Janine Blackmore) and an enchanted reindeer (a hammy Peter Mcloughlin) on her rescue journey.

Claiming most of the laughs and audience reaction was Cobweb Spider (Nick Kearns).

Grandma (Shirley Lovell) and Bhima (Martin Pettigrew) made sure the storyline was kept on track.

There was an uneven first night flow to the action because of rather long scene changes but the effects and scenery combined with excellent lighting and sound (Richard Aldous) made for a satisfying experience.


Hampshire Chronicle - 7 Days

Thursday 13th December 2012

By Joseph Curtis

The Worthy Players: The Snow Queen at Jubilee Hall

THE Worthy Players presented the chilling tale of The Snow Queen in Kings Worthy last week.

The production trod a fine line between play and pantomime, with first-time director Michael Edwards making the most of the comic opportunities while keeping the tension and seriousness of the dilemma.

A mix of young and old actors blended experience and energy to good effect.

Lyndsay Smith was excellent as plucky heroine Gerda, who goes to the ends of the earth to rescue her friend Kay (Tom Dickson) when he is brainwashed and kidnapped by the Snow Queen.

No stranger to the role of the baddie, Kirsty Turner was at her menacing best yet again, as cold and ruthless a Snow Queen as could be asked for, especially when dealing with her rival, Bhima the Sun King (Martin Pettigrew).

She was more than ably supported by Nick Kearns as her lackey, Cobweb Spider, a character who came firmly down on the pantomime side of things.

He revelled in the audience's boos and was hilarious throughout, particularly when part of a bumbling double act with fellow minor baddie King Grin (Michael Heseldin).

At times the show stalled due to long scene changes and it was difficult to hear some of the characters from the back.

But for the most part it was another excellent production to add to the Worthy Players' long list.

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