2010 Allo Allo Reviews

Daily Echo - Curtain Call

Tuesday 27th April 2010

By Anne Waggott

Hapless cafe-owner Rene tries to please everyone: his wife, his mistresses, the occupying Germans and the French resistance, while running his little cafe and attempting to stop the portrait of the Fallen Madonna falling into enemy hands. Unsurprisingly, he’s not particularly successful… This was a very strong ensemble production, with great comic performances from the cast, particularly Mike Heseldin (René), Kirsty Turner (Mimi), Sarah Hammond (Yvette) and Phil Everest (Lieutenant Gruber).

Rene’s cafe was super, capturing the essence of a provincial, war-time French cafe, with the other locations incorporated exceptionally well in such a small venue, assisted by good lighting and excellent sound effects.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and generally well-paced recreation of the TV sitcom, with easily identifiable characters and a script full of innuendo and catchphrases. Good fun!

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