2009 Holiday Snap Reviews

Daily Echo - Curtain Call

By Anne Waggott

LOCAL rep, Commander 'Chitto' Chittenden, manages to complicate the simple matters of timeshare by booking two couples into the same week in the same Portuguese villa. Add adultery, a mother-in-law and large quantities of gin to the mix, and the result is a comic farce of mistaken identities and mayhem!

Producer Nick Kearns injected first-rate visual-farce timing and detail with exits, entrances and charades, making good use of all the doors in a well-designed and presented set, along with lively characterisations and essentially slick comic dialogue timing that brought the witty, risqué and corny script to life.

This was a strong ensemble production, particularly with excellent performances by Mike Heseldin (inept, increasingly inebriated Chitto), Clare Walker (temptress Eve) and Peter Nouwens (deliciously failing to stay ahead of the game).

Despite a few hesitations, this production was hilarious fun and received a thoroughly deserved riotous audience reception!

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